Saturday 10th March 2007

What a day. The weather was really bad and a car nearly pulled out into us on the way to see my mum. Fortunately, my mistress saw what was happening and moved out of the way really quickly. Even more fortunately, there was nothing in the space that my mistress pulled out into. So, we got there in one piece and got out of the car into the mud. My sister Esther came to play first so that we could wear each other out before mum joined in. Mum has got a poorly leg so isn’t able to run about so much at the moment. Esther was still in charge, even though she is now smaller than me. To look at you wouldn’t know we were brother and sister. She is slimmer than I am and not as broad across the chest. She also has lighter brown bits than I have, more like mum really. There was one very funny moment when Esther jumped on top of me but I just stood up and left her sprawling on my back with all four paws in the air. When mum joined in Esther behaved differently. I think she was jealous that she wasn’t top dog anymore and so started barking. I knew my place. When mum started running round with a stick, I didn’t go and try to take it. I just waited until she had finished and then went and ‘borrowed’ it, but I gave it back as soon as she said she wanted it again. We had a great romp and then went for a walk by the canal where I discovered what I was born to do. For the first time in my life, I saw cows and I just knew I had to go and round them up. Sadly, there was a canal between the cows and me; otherwise I think I might just have tried. There was one dreadful moment when my mistress thought I wasn’t going to let the small matter of a canal stand in my way, but I was only kidding. By the time I got home I ready for my tea and a nice cuddle. The best bit is that all being well I can go again on Tuesday and see one of my other sisters, Emma, as well. Oh happy day.