Saturday 3rd March 2007

It is better than I thought. I got excited enough just to be given the blanket, but it turns out that my mistress is going completely soft in her old age and she has bought it to put on their bed so that I can climb up for a cuddle without getting into trouble for leaving dog hair all over the bed. Secretly I think she was cold and simply fancied an extra blanket on the bed.

My master and mistress have discovered a new game. They are calling it ‘Country Snap’. At the moment my mistress is having to go backwards and forwards to England and my master often has to travel for his job, so they aren’t getting to see all that much of each other. The way the game works is that every so often they check which countries they are in and shout ‘snap’ if it is the same one. They are of course penalised if they have shouted snap but are in completely different parts of the same country. So the other day my master was in Middlesbrough and my mistress and I were in London so that didn’t count. Then he went to Germany but we got home to Belgium half and hour before he left so that was ‘snap’. The best was that by chance my master got sent to a meeting in London whilst my mistress was there so she managed to see him at his hotel after his meeting finished. I’m getting worn out just trying to work out which country I am in. So much for dogs liking routine and stability. Maybe in a week or two we could all have a ‘boring’ couple of weeks at home playing with ‘the dog’.