Friday 2nd March 2007

I am appalled. There are not many dogs in the world that I don’t like. To be honest there is only the one. There are a lot I growl at but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to play with them. So there I was looking out of the window on another rainy day, it was proving bad enough having to cope with there being men working in the garden that I couldn’t get to but then to add insult to injury the mistress of the dog I don’t like came into our garden to talk to the men. Then her dog followed her. There I am stuck behind glass and the one dog in the world that I don’t like is in my garden. I was livid. I paced up and down but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I am now trying to negotiate with my mistress that the next time we go for a walk past their house, she will open the gate of their garden so I can go and pee on his territory! Let’s see how he likes that. I would open the gate myself but whilst I have got the hang of door handles I am not so good with bolts. I think it is the lack of opposable thumbs that does it.

I think my mistress is feeling guilty about how busy she is and how little time she has to play with me at the moment. As a result I have a beautiful new blanket. When I say beautiful that is an understatement. It is soft and warm and really snugly. It says it is ‘only for use by the dog’ on it to, just in case anyone gets confused. I’m going to guard it just to be certain.