Sunday 4th March 2007

I have been reading a book called ‘Blood of the Isles’ all about where people originate from who now live in Britain. It uses something called DNA to work out which tribes people belong to and how that tribe arrived in Britain. I am wondering if there is a project like that for dogs? How different is my DNA from a Bernese Mountain dog and do I have similar origins to a Beagle and a St Bernard? I know my type is supposed to come from the village of Entlebuch in Switzerland but how did it get there? Did it arrive there on its own or did it go with the people. Perhaps I should try and track where the people came from that started the village of Entlebuch in the first place. My mistress wants to find out about her own DNA and which tribes she came from. If I have understood this correctly, within the DNA there are bits that mutate every so often and so you can see who has exact matches and work back from there. I want to put a bet on finding that my mistress’s DNA has mutated from the one before and that she isn’t like anyone else. She told me not to be so cheeky but what is a pet dog for if he can’t wind his mistress up?

I’m not sure whether I told you that in one of her more stressed moments she managed to buy two of the Camberwick Green figures that she had already bought. Sensibly she has decided to stop buying any more until she is able to get a bit more organised again. I asked if I could have the spare ones in my room but she didn’t think that was such a good idea.