Thursday 1st March 2007

Well I am looking forward to my mistress getting home later today. I am planning to give her a big lick and wipe my wet nose all over her to show how much I care.

It was funny on the last visit we had to England, my mistress found a dentist that didn’t scare her. Quite an achievement all things considered. ‘All things’ being the fact that my mistress is a complete coward, which probably explains why it took severe toothache and the filling falling out before she went as an emergency patient! The other thing that happened whilst we were there last weekend was that I discovered that in extreme circumstances I can make a good guard dog. When I say ‘I discovered’ you have to understand that in my life I have only ever growled at 4 people and that includes last weekend. I have growled at countless dogs but on the whole I am a big fan of people. I sometimes forget the difference and play a little to rough with humans but I don’t normally get carried away and growl at them. I did growl at my mistress’s aunt but as she is the one who has died I won’t be doing it again. I growled at my mistress’s nephew but we went on to make friends later and I growled at the locum vet and as that resulted in the wrong time being marked in my passport I won’t be doing that again if my mistress has anything to do with it. Anyway, to get back to the story, my mistress’s sister called round to my grandparents after I had gone to bed and let herself in with her key. Everywhere was dark and I had been in the middle of an exciting dream when I was awoken. How was I supposed to know it was my aunt and not an intruder. To cut a long story short I don’t think she likes me anymore!