Sunday 18th February 2007

What I forgot to tell you was that my new tag for my collar arrived last Friday and I now make little clinking noises whenever I go anywhere. How would you like it? I have little metallic noises that it is impossible for me to get away from unless I stay completely still. Gone are the days of creeping up on next door’s cat, not that I was ever particularly successful in that department. I know it is for my own good. I know all the theory about how my mistress really doesn’t want to lose me and would be beside herself if she didn’t know where I was. It isn’t the theory that is the problem, it is the practice. I said I wanted the tag that would sit flat along my collar and not jingle but apparently I would have needed a new collar as well to have that one. I said I didn’t mind a new collar. There are one or two I have had my eye on. I do like the one I have got it is multi coloured with lots of bones on it but I don’t like jingling. They will be calling me Rudolph next and expecting me to deliver presents.

Those of you who have been reading this for a while may have gathered, by now, that my mistress is not completely normal. She has only gone and invited a whole load of people to a Murder Mystery evening in our house. When I say invited I’m not being strictly accurate. She has actually sent subpoenas to them, instructing them to attend. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do for the evening. Am I supposed to come in character as a Police Dog, or do you think I will be a murder suspect?