Monday 19th February 2007

Well I’m back home again for the time being. I am starting to think that my mistress doesn’t think I should sit still for too long. Actually it isn’t so much the sitting still, I’m going to be doing a lot of that this week, it is more I shouldn’t expect to stay in one place for too long. Apparently she is off to England again on Wednesday and this time I get to go along for the ride. I’m not sure if I am expected to go to the hospital with her to visit her aunt or whether it will be another of those dog prejudice things where I am not allowed in. I have heard that there are dogs that visit sick people as a job and that it cheers them up. The sick people that is, I can’t think it cheers the dogs up. Now you can call me Sherlock Holmes if you like but by my deductions, that means I will be having a trip to the vet sometime soon. I tried sitting down in the middle of the footpath on the way there the other day and that didn’t do me any good. Being dragged as a 27kg adult dog is not the most dignified way to travel. I may have to try different avoidance tactics this time, such as hiding. I hope he won’t try giving me another of those injections in my nose again. I really didn’t like that. It wasn’t that it hurt or anything like that, I just didn’t like it.

If you are one of the hundreds of people that has recently read my diary from the 1st June last year, please will you drop me an email to tell me why. Why the 1st of June? It is driving me nuts trying to find out what was so special about that day.