Saturday 17th February 2007

Well my mistress and master are off visiting her aunt so I am back visiting Mackensey and the puppies. They are so unbelievably lovely. Their legs don’t look long enough for their bodies and they don’t do much yet but they have grown and they are cute and furry. It doesn’t matter how much my mistress tells me I can’t have a puppy of my own I still really want one.

It has been just great with spring in the air. I love being able to run around outside so much of the time without getting wet. Mud I can deal with, in fact that is a positive advantage, but rain is too wet for my liking. Too reminiscent of bathtime. At least being away from home I have no fear of being put in the bath, at least not in the next couple of days. I was actually quite glad to come away. There are one or two things in life that my mistress really doesn’t like. One of those is the dentist. She has had toothache on and off for about a year, well in fact the whole time I have lived with her but now disaster has struck. A large part of the filling has fallen out of the tooth that is giving her trouble and she has no choice but to go to the dentist. I will not be offering to go with her to give her moral support. I know what she is like. I will be as far away as possible on the day she goes to avoid any unnecessary consequences. I’m not even prepared to offer to pull the tooth out for her, it would be asking for trouble. I hope that have an effective means of tying her down and sedating her so they can get near to her tooth. It wouldn’t be the first time she had bitten a dentist!