Saturday 10th February 2007

This is one of those times I should show some compassion. However, it is not easy to be compassionate when my plans got spoilt. There I was all excited about seeing my mum and sister, I’d got past the risk of the bad weather leading to it being cancelled only to have my mistress called to England for a Family emergency on the day it was supposed to happen. I tried to argue that she could take me out first and go to England today instead of yesterday but it was one of those times when she just had to drop everything and go. This left me wondering whether a dog has a conscience? Am I expected to think about the needs of others or is it ok to be a dog and only think of myself? I suppose in summary am I allowed to be like a teenager but on an indefinite basis? Now tempted as I am to say I have no conscience, and certainly that was true as I stood under the stream of meat juice coming out of the joint my mistress was carving the other night and I offered to eat the joint as well, but I am not sure it really extends to other activities. How can I, as a dog, expect to be treated fairly and with kindness, if I don’t expect to the same for those around me. Besides which I have noticed that the more I am nice to people the more I get stroked and given treats. In the end when I am nice to other people (and dogs) everybody wins. I still can’t bring myself to be nice to the dog down the road though.