Friday 9th February 2007

Every day a new discovery. It turns out the odd white stuff that started falling really fast, to the point where I got bored barking at it, can disappear as fast as it appears. It also turns out to be the perfect vehicle to convert a run into a perfect body slide. To be honest the body slide took me a bit by surprise at fist but once I got the hang of it I rather enjoyed myself. The other odd thing is that if you stand under a bush that has lots of white stuff on it, you come out very wet. All that from one day’s observation. There was a point when I started worrying that my mistress would tell me that the trip to see my mum and sister this afternoon would have to be cancelled but thankfully that doesn’t seem to be the case. Our little car is a bit chilly in this type of weather but if I put my head over the handbrake and rest it on my mistress we are a little bit cosier. I have to promise not to breathe too heavily too, or the windows get steamed up and try as I might I can’t quite flick my tail in the right place to clear the back screen. It isn’t that I can’t reach it, it’s that I can’t use enough pressure with my tail to make a real difference. The funniest thing yesterday was my master having to climb over the gate to get to work because it had frozen closed. Such are the trials and tribulations of humans. My main concern was whether I could catch the snowflakes before they melted and whether there would be enough to build a snowman. The answers were no and no. Perhaps I can try again tomorrow.