Sunday 11th February 2007

My weekend has had its compensations. I have at last been able to visit Mackensey and the the puppies. Well they are just gorgeous. I’ve already tried asking if I can have one to look after and my master has made it quite clear that it isn’t an option but I can dream. I suppose thinking back to yesterday the fact that I want to be irresponsible and not have a conscience isn’t a good starting point for looking after a pet of my own. The are so tiny and with me being so big and strong, I might be a bit too clumsy too.

My mistress isn’t having such a good weekend so I may need to be nice to her when she comes home. Her aunt really isn’t well, so perhaps me having to change my plans on Friday was a little bit reasonable and my mistress has promised to rearrange seeing my mum and sister for as soon as she possibly can. You may wonder why I haven’t got my master to play with for the weekend but he has gone to see the children and as he was going by plane I couldn’t stow away with him. I’m a bit big to hide in a bag and not be noticed, there would be bits of me coming out in all directions and I think it would make his luggage overweight too.

Well I am off to look at the puppies again. Every time I to turn my back they seem to grow.