Thursday 8th February 2007

This is really not my week. It turns out that it is a year since I had all my injections. There I was yesterday thrilled to be going for a walk in the snow and where was I actually walking to? The vet! Now I like my vet, he makes a real fuss of me, but I don’t like anyone with a needle in their hand particularly when they are pointing it in my direction. My mistress tried to placate me by saying she wanted me to be over any effect of it before I went to see my mum and sister on Friday but to be honest I would have happily delayed having it until the last possible moment. As if that isn’t enough she has said I will be having a bath on Saturday. I tried saying I would be out but she said that wasn’t an option. Apparently she doesn’t appreciate the odour I have developed and I thought it was rather good. Maybe she has a point, even my master has said I smell and that is quite unusual for him he seems to think a normal level of doggy smell is quite good. Then there is the fact that I am worrying about McKenzie or Mackensey as I now find she spells her name. Most dogs don’t tend to go in for spelling a great deal so you rarely see them writing things down.

At heart I am an outdoor dog. However, at heart I am also a keeping warm and dry sort of dog. This wintery weather really isn’t my thing. If I have a choice between bed next to the radiator or cold damp outdoors I am going to choose the radiator. Despite my protestations my mistress is still refusing to install an inside toilet for me. I  get my own back I refuse to go out unless she agrees to come with me.