Saturday 3rd February 2007

Now I know this may be an unreasonable question but, do you people really have nothing better to do than read my diary? I could of course have asked what was wrong with what I wrote on September 2nd last year. That was one of only 5 days that none of you read last month. Some of you actually read all 370 pages, I’m honoured and a little worried. However what I really want to know is how so many of you suddenly came to read June 1st but then why not? I was equally delighted that my mistress wore her Alfie Dog sweatshirt to go and pick some friends up from the airport. I had wanted to go too but they don’t allow dogs in there anymore. I said she should have been wearing one with the Pet Dogs Democratic Party on it campaigning for better rights for dogs but my master said there had been enough campaigning at the airport this week. When he came home the customs people were on a half hearted, work to rule. They were stopping everyone and opening their suitcases, causing a very long queue. They only did it long enough for the television news cameras to get their pictures and then went back to ignoring everyone as normal but unfortunately my master came through at the point they were making a point.

My granddad has pointed out that simply turning the wishing well pump off for the winter is not enough. There was my mistress feeling very pleased with herself that it was still working after the big icicle the other day but she needs to make sure no more ice gets inside the pump. It is fairly obvious really when you come to think of it, she just hadn’t come to think of it.