Friday 2nd February 2007

It’s great I have a small person to play with again. I really must remember how easy you can knock them over though, they will like me so much more if I would stop doing that. It is a bit like ten-pin bowling with me as the ball and them as the skittle. You forget how strong a solid lump of 27kg of dog can be. What isn’t so great is when he wants my toys when I want them. It is also a little antisocial when every so often my mistress disappears off to feed her Ebay addiction. Enough is enough, I need to find a way to distract her for enough days that she can get over the withdrawal symptoms.

More alarmingly for my master and mistress, I can now open door handles. They have to be ones that aren’t too high up as I am not that stable yet when I stand on my back legs. I can raise myself up so that I can just come down on the handle lightly and as long as I push forwards gently at the same time and don’t over balance then I don’t come down with a thud either. I can’t open inward opening doors yet, that is going to take much more practice. It does mean that they can’t shut me in my room anymore because although the door onto the hall opens inwards the door to the kitchen opens out. They are going to have to be one step ahead of me if they want to confine me and close the other kitchen door as well. Oh the fun I can have in the middle of the night if I get sent back to sleep in my own room now my master is home again. My mistress has been great letting me have my bed upstairs and I have kept my part of the deal by not sticking a wet nose in her face more than once a night to check she is ok.