Sunday 4th February 2007

Well the house is all quiet again and our visitors have been taken back to the airport. So now I can have a normal sort of a day. The main excitement is the ‘bird watch’. I have to spend half and hour looking out of the window, which in itself shouldn’t be a chore but I have to stay quiet which might be a little more difficult. What I am supposed to do is make a note of all the birds I see. There don’t seem to have been nearly as many types this year, I think it is because it has been so warm and they can find better food than my mistress gives them.

My master has decided he wants his own web address. The ones he wanted had been sold so my mistress was looking for what he could have. His initials are C.C so the website she was looking at offered some alternatives to his initials and interpreted them as credit card. However much they have become addicted to Ebay, calling yourself credit card would seem to be going a bit too far.

It is only Sunday and I am already counting the days off until Friday. I am going to see my mum and sister and I just can’t wait. I haven’t seen them for so long it will be great to just have a run around and of course be rolled over and jumped on by my sister. I’m much bigger and stronger than I was, I wonder if I will be able to stand my ground a little better or whether she will still be the boss! I suppose it’s just the way women are. The best bet seems to be to let them think they are in charge even when we know different. It works for my master and me at home!