Thursday 1st February 2007

Will somebody please take my mistress’s access to Ebay away. The poor postman turned up with 6 parcels yesterday. I know they are all very small things and she isn’t exactly going mad on what she is bidding but surely there are limits. She did have a bit of a moment the other evening when she accidentally missed the decimal point out of a bid and accidentally bid hundreds of pounds for something. It was very funny from my perspective but she did look absolutely panic stricken as she tried to find how to withdraw a bid. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been close to the end of an auction. In the end she didn’t end up winning the auction and I said if she had left it as it was at least she would have won. There might also have been a very pleasantly surprised seller and it might have stopped my mistress using it ever again.

This spring like weather is making me want to bounce around quite a lot and enjoy being outdoors. It is also causing some irritation as I won’t come back when called and I keep getting muddy paws, but I’m a dog what more does she expect. I can concentrate long enough on the computer to write my diary but I don’t want to sit there all day. For a start she has blocked me accessing some of the sites I might have found interesting. What I want to know is what would be wrong with me gambling on dog racing? I might be said to have a little inside knowledge being a dog but it is no different from my mistress having a bet on a human sport and rather more sensible than her gambling on horse racing. How is she ever going to understand how a horse thinks?