Tuesday 30th January 2007

I am starting to think it is a good job I can’t have puppies. I am biting my claws just waiting on news from McKenzie. If the puppies weren’t born yesterday she was going to be cut open to have them removed. There is a proper word for it but I can’t spell it and it amounts to the same thing. I was rather looking forward to seeing the puppies when they were tiny but I shan’t see her again for weeks so they won’t be quite so small then.

Winter seems to have well and truly disappeared again, the icicle on the wishing well has gone but my mistress hasn’t turned it back on yet to see if it works as it needs refilling with water first. Somehow in all that freezing some of the water seems to have escaped. You would have thought she might have figured out there may be a risk of it freezing as the tap she would usually use to refill it, because it is right next to the wishing well, is turned off inside – to stop it freezing! Duh! Clearly it takes a dog rather than a human to make such difficult connections.  I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on my mistress she has bought me a really cool ‘glow in the dark’ frisby. It means if I get bored after I go to bed I can still find it. Unfortunately I can’t find anyone to throw it for me in the middle of the night but I’m working on that, I’m sure my master wouldn’t mind being woken as long as I did it gently. My mistress also came home with a rather nice soft Winnie the Pooh soft toy but despite begging really nicely she said that isn’t for me, it is for a very small friend that is coming to stay later this week. I suppose I at least get to play with the small person, maybe I can get him to share his new toy or I could offer to swap it for the head of my rubber rabbit. Sadly the head is all I’ve got left.