Wednesday 31st January 2007

Surprising as this may seem the wishing well pump still works, despite its cascade of ice last week when it turned suddenly cold. At least my mistress has now had the sense to leave it switched off based on the fact that calendar still says January even though it feels like spring. Sadly, the moles are less convinced that it is winter and are digging with a wanton disregard to the rest of the animal kingdom. I accidentally trod on a hole and my leg disappeared up to my knee. It was a bit of a surprise all things considered.

The Post Office in Belgium has excelled itself again. My mistress drove the 8 kilometres to collect the packages they had tried to deliver while she had taken me out yesterday. If only life were that simple. The packages were for my master and they wouldn’t give them to my mistress. She might live at the same address and have an ID card that proves she does, she might have a marriage certificate that proves she is married to my master, she might also resort to swearing at the girl behind the desk but none of it made any difference at all. The only way she can collect them is for my master to fill in and sign the delivery card and for my mistress to take them and my master’s ID card to the Post Office. In theory he is supposed to carry his ID card so how is that supposed to work? It really does seem that the Post Office here is Jekyll and Hyde. The one my mistress goes to to buy stamps and post things couldn’t be nicer, the one where the parcels are sent to are completely the opposite, if only they would send our parcels to the nice man at the other Post Office.