Monday 29th January 2007

Some would say my mistress is weird, I wouldn’t be so bold. I’ll definitely give her odd, maybe even eccentric but I would stop just short of weird. She is in the process of developing her ‘Rhododendron Contingency Plan’. Why you may ask does anyone need one of those? I assure you it has nothing to do with any concern on the wellbeing of the rhododendrons it is more of a question of the wellbeing of my mistress. She is allergic to rhododendrons. Last year when the all came out they made her very poorly so this year she says we are going away. She can’t tell me when and she doesn’t seem overly sure of where we are going but I am to have a bag packed and ready and at the point it looks as though they are about to burst into flower we are going. I’m not sure whether to be excited, it sounds like a bit of an adventure but as I will have to leave my master behind it seems a bit unfair.

It’s Andy’s fifth birthday this week and my master and mistress were looking at possible ‘treats’ for him. They have a leaflet for a ‘soft play area’, I want to go. I want to have my own party in a ‘soft play area’ with slides and tubes and all sorts of fun things to run around in. I didn’t have an outing for my birthday do you think it is too late to persuade them to take me now? I suppose it is going to be another of those things that doesn’t allow dogs, but I would promise to be good. I know I use my master and mistress’s bed as my own soft play area but it really isn’t the same and I haven’t worked out how to make a slide, except when I make the rug scoot along the floor, which is quite fun. Perhaps I could get them to make me a special area of my own.