Sunday 28th January 2007

The repairs to the central heating have not had the desired impact. Apart from the fact that somehow the hot water heating went off in the process of the radiators being fixed it turns out that the rooms that were previously warm are now hot and the rooms that were previously cold are still cold. It does mean I have found a very cost spot to put my bed and am now happily making the most of the situation, unlike my poor mistress who is back to wearing a duvet! She is, I am proud to say, wearing a duvet over the top of an Alfie Dog sweatshirt. Perhaps I should expand into duvet covers or blankets.

It really isn’t fair sometimes when you are a dog. I realise there are many humans out there that can say much the same thing but I look at the world from a dog’s perspective. My master and mistress went to a restaurant where they bring the meat round to your table and you can eat as much as you like. Now is that doggy heaven or what? When my mistress described it to me I was drooling just thinking about it. They didn’t even bring me back a doggy bag. I would have been prepared to skip the salad bar and just stay sat at my table quietly waiting for the next lot of meat to arrive, I wouldn’t have been any trouble. However, despite my pleadings my mistress has once again had to explain that dogs are not allowed in and that despite this being the 21st century discrimination and segregation are still rife. The work of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party will never be done. We need a dog equivalent of Martin Luther King to highlight our plight to the world.