Monday 22nd January 2007

Well little by little my mistress seems to have put together a set of 8 cartoon mugs. Her justification is that she needs to laugh in a morning. As far as I can see that covers the first mug and maybe one spare for when the first is in the dishwasher but unless she is planning to invite all her friends to stay 8 seems a little excessive. On a brighter note I am getting far more opportunity to jump all over the postman and to give him his due he does seems to be coping remarkably well. Perhaps I should start my own line of mugs to go with the T shirts and sweatshirts. Worryingly my mistress will soon be sporting one of my designs which says ‘The dog’s on the computer, so I’m out for a walk’. I presume she is planning to wear it when she is out without me.

Mckenzie doesn’t seem to be all that big if she is about to have several little puppies. She seems to be waddling a little more than usual but other than that, you would hardly notice. I have asked my mistress if I can have one. I think I am now old enough and responsible enough to care for a pet of my own. Unfortunately, my mistress has said no. Well more to the point my master has said no to my mistress and she has simply had the pleasure of passing the message on to me. I don’t think her heart was in it when she said it though. What she did say and she perhaps had a point was that she didn’t know as much about Corgi’s so didn’t know how well one would fit into our lifestyle. My argument is if is good enough for the queen of England it is good enough for me. Of course that didn’t get me the Harrods collar for Christmas either!