Tuesday 23rd January 2007

The whole you are what you eat thing can really go to extremes. There I was waiting to order my coffee when the couple in front of me ordered their drinks. The skinny one ordered the ‘low fat’ boring looking fruit juice and the less than skinny (in a rather ‘more than’ sort of way) ordered the large mug of chocolate piled high with cream and extra chocolate. I just wanted to say ‘Hey you. Do you really think you should be drinking that?’ but I don’t suppose they would have welcomed the intervention. Maybe in the same way that pubs are supposed to stop serving people who have clearly had too much to drink maybe coffee shops should stop serving high fat options to people who have had a smidgen too much cream on previous visits.

I’ve been thinking about Gordon Brown (the chancellor of the Exchequer) visiting India last week and all the discussion that took place about the Big Brother racism scandal in England. That ended up with him backing telling the nation to vote the one in the wrong out of the house. So what I have been thinking is could Gordon Brown come round and have a chat with me so I can tell him all the requests of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party for all us real ‘under dogs’? I am sure he would understand the need for the minimum wage and the working time directive and the appalling segregation of dogs from society, being refused entrance to so many public establishments. Maybe I should send him the T shirt that campaigns for the minimum wage for dogs and see if he would be photographed for the press wearing it. Perhaps I should start by putting pen to paper. “Dear Gordon…,