Sunday 21st January 2007

From a dog’s perspective, it is a shame that the weather has calmed down from the other day. It is pure doggy heaven to have so many sticks to choose from every time you go outside. There are enough to chew a few and still have plenty left over to have them thrown for you. If course on the downside it is a bit difficult to pick up and carry a whole tree and I didn’t enjoy dodging the missiles any more than you did and I still haven’t solved the problem of how far away from the window I want to put my bed to ensure safety. I did count quite a few fallen trees and there are some branches that are only hanging on by a couple of threads, so I should be kept in sticks for a while yet.

What I did count a lot of while I was out was mole hills. There are dozens of new mole hills. It is not supposed to be 14 degrees centigrade in January. It is supposed to be zero or just one or two for good measure. So what do we get in exchange for the pleasure of playing in snow? We get high winds and mole hills. I don’t think that is a fair deal. I like snow. I want another go at building a snowman. I could do a really big one now I am so much stronger and could roll the ball of snow further. The moles on the other hand are supposed to be sound asleep and not digging their little holes everywhere. It’s enough to make you want to move to the city. Or perhaps to somewhere further north where they have more snow and cold and less moles. I suppose there are certain attractions of my ancestral homeland, at least I could build a snowman there. I wonder if they have moles in Switzerland.