Saturday 20th January 2007

The things I do for you. There I was in the kitchen trying to come up with a decent paw print for a t shirt design. My mistress had the bright idea of using strong instant coffee as the ink. So there I was in the undignified position of sticking my paw in a saucer of decaf and then applying it to a piece of white paper. All I can say is that it was the wrong kind of paper as it didn’t leave a nice neat paw print, more a splodge, which wouldn’t work so well. I did leave some very fine coffee paw prints all over the kitchen floor as I ran off, but my mistress said the pattern of the floor made those impossible to use. I had another go with mud a little later but it seems I still have some work to do to perfect the design. Unfortunately that is going to have to wait until I am home again as McKenzie has point blank refused to let me practice on the floor here. I am wondering if I actually start to become famous and earn a bit of money whether I will need to become a tax exile somewhere. The point may be irrelevant if I can prove that as a dog I am not directly covered by the tax legislation in any particular country. It starts to open up a whole new possibility. If dogs are exempt from tax then any human who wanted to avoid paying tax could apply to become a dog. I don’t know that we would accept all of them and in some case I guess it might take a bit of surgery but think of the upside for them. Of course the down sides do include the annual rabies jab and being micro-chipped and of course having to go outside to pee, but with some humans I can’t see that being too much of an obstacle.