Friday 19th January 2007

Well I am home again and have discussed the whole absent father thing with my mistress. I am shocked, it is worse than I had supposed. Not only are there situations where dogs get bitches pregnant and walk away there are even situations where money changes hands. Not between the dogs, that would of course amount to prostitution, no it’s worse than that. The money changes hands between the owners. The owners of the dog actually receive money for him enjoying himself and walking away. It is outrageous. Perhaps this one is just too big an issue for the PDDP to deal with.

It turns out that going to England without me wasn’t nearly so much fun. The people in the security booth at the tunnel weren’t as friendly either. Oh yes I have my uses. I’d have liked to have thought that that would have taught my mistress a lesson about going away without me but it turns out she is away this weekend too, so I am back off to see McKenzie. She tried to comfort me by telling me that the reason she has brought me back for a day was because she just can’t bear to be without me for that long but I remain to be convinced, although it was a close call.

In my bid for fame and fortune, well fame anyway I have made some progress to setting up T shirt designs for you to choose from. I just need to think of some more designs and find if they do dog sizes as well as human. It would be an awful shame if I couldn’t wear one of my own T shirts. So I have started my own shop at . Now all I need to do is include my paw print in some designs and think of some slogans.