Thursday 18th January 2007

Just one small point of concern, what on earth do I do if McKenzie goes into labour? I’m not cut out to be a midwife. One look at the blood and I would be out of it completely. Imagine the trauma, it would be enough for me to need counselling. The good news is that the little ones aren’t due until the 27th of January. The bad news is that I am supposed to be staying here then too. I presume there will be someone else here and that I won’t be expected to do anything. Surely if they need a dog then it should be the father rather than me. However, sadly as in so many cases there doesn’t seem to be any sign of him. So much for pedigree, when the chips are down it really doesn’t seem to make any difference in the dog world. It was the same for my mother. Was my father there to help? Did he even come and visit us when we were small? Did he take us for Saturday trips to McDonalds or even give any money to our mum to keep us? No. So what happens? She had to send us all to new homes. To be fair I like where I live and I’m still in touch with her, although I haven’t seen her or my brother and sisters for a while but I don’t even hear from my dad. I suppose it is going to be much the same for McKenzie’s puppies too. There really is so much work for the Pet Dogs Democratic Party to do. The list of things we need to campaign for is getting so long it makes me tired just thinking about it. Perhaps Maintenance payments for puppies should be essential to allow puppies to be brought up at home with their mum’s. I suppose we would have to create a body like the Puppy Support Agency to track down absent fathers, or in some case mothers, and then try and get them to make payments. I think this one could be a tough job.