Thursday 4th January 2007

Scrap the new year’s resolutions, I’ve had a better idea. I am going to devote 2007 to developing the cult of Alfie Dog. Snoopy and Garfield are famous, so why not me? I grant you ‘Entlebucher Sennenhund’ is not quite so catchy as ‘Beagle’ but in years to come the name of Alfie Dog will be known around the world. There will be t-shirts with my picture on, and people will come up to ask for my paw print. In my dreams I even appear on Parkinson being interviewed, although I may need a little help from my mistress to cope with one or two of the details. Of course I am not doing it for my own satisfaction but for the good of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party and all pet dogs everywhere (and working ones). I have got the return journey to Belgium to plan my campaign. I can write to newspapers on all the key issues. Oh there is so much to do.

In the meantime, I am once again packed and ready to go. I’m starting to get the hang of things and already know I am going to my maternal grandparents, where I get to sleep in the lounge and am spoilt rotten. There will be no elderly great-aunts to growl at this time and no cousins to chase but it will be fun all the same. One of my Christmas presents was a ball the makes noises every time you move it. I have asked to take it back with us but my mistress says she really doesn’t think she can stand it for a whole 500 miles. I am off to try and find something soft to wrap it in to deaden the sound and the movement. At least as there are only the two of us in the car I get to sit in my rightful place, in the front again. I can reach to play with the sat nav then when I get bored.