Wednesday 3rd January 2007

Well we are back. It’s a bit confusing as we set off again tomorrow to ‘go back’ but thus is the life of the ‘international jet set’ or in my case ‘car set’. Today Middlesbrough, tomorrow the world, or Leicester, which is probably the next best thing. My bed was back in the warmth of the kitchen, the children were gone and quiet returned in a very empty sort of way, to my little world. I do have the pleasure of a strange man fitting a new house alarm to annoy for the day. I have put my ‘security’ t shirt on and am parading round so that he is quite clear who’s boss. I also thought he might be a good source of picking up work.

So now with Christmas and New Year over we are back to work and normal life. The turkey is not quite finished, although for the sake of those of you that worry, it has been in the freezer. The decorations are coming down and the bottle of Pimm’s No 3 have been bought in bulk to take back for the cold winter’s nights in Belgium. I caught a sneak look at my mistress’s new year’s resolutions and it seems she is committing herself to going to the dentist by the end of February. She has had toothache for many months, even before the wedding, so I will believe it when I see it. She has told me if I don’t cut down in the marzipan I will need to go before long, but like any addict the risks are just something you have to take.

I caught them all discussing holidays the other day and I have an awful fear there may be plans to go somewhere without me. I will have to see what I can do to stop that.