Tuesday 2nd January 2007

Well I was right. It was the garage for me last night. It wasn’t too bad and my mistress kept coming out to see me, at least until she went to bed, she didn’t sleep in the garage. Now we are all packed again and ready to set off for Middlesbrough. Fortunately, they had had the good sense to change the cd’s in the car for completely different ones. To be fair some of them were still pretty appalling but there are only so many repeats of “So here it is Merry Christmas…” that a dog can reasonably be made to listen to. They work it that each person has half an hour of their choice of music and then it goes to the next person. I said I should have a turn but no one took me seriously. I could have chosen something cultured by Bach for example or maybe I should get my own talking book. ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ must be available from somewhere. Time gets docked for bad behaviour, and as the judges of the bad behaviour are my mistress and master it seems they always get their full half hour. In a full cycle of 5 half hours we get everything from a children’s book (chosen by my mistress), to sports radio (my master), to excessive pop music (chosen by the children). The four year old member of the team chooses whatever his brother or sister manipulate him into saying, for the most part. Although the other day he did have the good sense to ask for half an hour of quiet as he wanted to go to sleep, my thoughts precisely! I suppose I should make the most of the variety as it will be Terry Pratchett books or Radio 5 all the way back with my mistress.