Monday 1st January 2007

Well here we go again! Happy New Year. There were fireworks last night. I wasn’t allowed to watch them, supposedly they were too scary for me. So I sat inside and wondered how pretty they were and sulked. Now I am up and packed and ready for another journey to England. I have checked that my bed has gone in, so everything is ok, although it may be I have another night sleeping in a garage so I had better check my biscuit box has been packed as I ate all the begging strips. I would like to go in and meet Miskin and Bertie (the cats) I’m sure I wouldn’t be any trouble and it might be that they liked me. They might like being chased if they were given the opportunity.

I was thinking when we went to the vet’s that one of the things that seems to be different between Belgium and England is that in Belgium lots of people work from home. It seems normal to run a small business from part of your house. There’s the vet and some of the doctors and lots of other people too. It means they don’t have to go far to get to work. In England there seems to be a lot of talk about the need to cut down on travelling, and there are lots of ‘rush hour’ traffic problems and yet everybody seems to work from bigger businesses that you have to travel to get to. Why don’t they just encourage everyone to work from home? The other good thing then is they can have a dog to keep them company. Which gives more potential members of the PDDP.