Sunday 31st December 2006

Life is just not fair. If a dog made as much noise as a small boy they would be sent back to the Dog’s Home. If a dog was as disobedient he would have all privileges withdrawn. The worst of it is ‘wind’. If the dog has wind he is confined to his room and only given boring things to eat. Small boys seem to think having wind is some sort of game and then worst of all, they blame the dog! I’m guessing the campaigning of the PDDP may have some difficulty stretching as far as this but something ought to be done.

Well it is the last day of 2006 and what a year it has been. I started the year as just a tiny puppy and now it is almost wrong to call me a puppy at all. Although, my mistress says I will always be her little puppy, which is rather nice. I have undergone a major operation and survived, although not with my male dignity quite intact. I have learnt to obey commands, on the odd occasions that it suits me. I have travelled to Switzerland and England as well as to lots of bits of Belgium. I guess as we go into 2007 I get to do a lot of those things all over again. I started to realise that was how life worked when the card came through the letterbox ‘inviting’ my mistress to go and have her car tested to make sure it is roadworthy. We had a good laugh remembering last year and the problems she had not knowing what to do and where to go. “It’s ok” she said “at least we know where to go this time” then she turned the card over and it says she has to go to a different place. That about sums it up really. Each year we get to do much the same things, we just do them slightly differently!