Tuesday 26th December 2006

Well what do you know, no sooner have we got Christmas day over with than it turns out to be my masters birthday and he gets even more presents. He isn’t actually getting them until later as we have to drive to his mum & dad’s first. I’m going to meet Miskin at last and Bertie. They are both of the feline variety of four legged people so I don’t think it is going to be completely amicable. My mistress has already wound me up a bit by explaining that I can choose between whether I sleep in the car or the garage. So I said I was happy with either, which did she prefer. It was only then I realised she wasn’t planning to join me. It really is a dog’s life. Still, to be honest, after all the turkey yesterday I may sleep most of the time. I can run it all off when I get home to Belgium tomorrow.

I have returned to thinking about my new year’s resolutions. I have already decided I will find a girlfriend and obviously I am expected to try and meet my appraisal objectives but I really think I need some more than that. I think I will try and get my Woodland Stories published. I’m not absolutely sure where to start but I am sure my mistress will help me to work it all out. I also want to get her to take me to the South of France. Lots of artists have found it an inspirational place, I want to see if it works for me as well. Perhaps I would suddenly find I could be a famous artist, but that may be going too far. I have a cousin who is an artist perhaps I should talk to him first.