Wednesday 27th December 2006

Well it isn’t Christmas day and it isn’t anyone in our family’s birthday so I guess it is just a normal day. Just like any other day that you drive to Belgium really. I am becoming quite a seasoned traveller. I know the best times to sit up and smile at people to make sure we are waved through with no fuss. I am getting very good at nuzzling the passport and security people. Because we have got so much luggage I have been allowed to sit in the front of the car with my mistress whilst my master drives. I was supposed to be sitting in one of the seats in the back with the children but we needed the boot space. It was a choice of that or leave my old bed in England and pick it up on the way back. Whilst I know I have a lovely new bed I really do prefer my old one. It has some comforting dirt rubbed into it where no amount of washing can get to.

Whose idea was it to build the M25? What a ridiculous road. Why build a road that goes round in circles? What is amazing is just how many people seem to want to drive round in circles. Maybe it would work better if instead of having 3 or 4 lanes that went each way, you had 6 or 8 that all went the same way. So you could only go in a clockwise direction. This may be inconvenient for those people who only wanted to go one junction the other way but they would do the whole clockwise journey so much quicker that it would probably work out better for them in the long term.