Monday 25th December 2006

My Owners and I would like to bring you all Christmas greetings, wherever you are this Christmas Day. We bring you these greetings from the comfort of my trusty old travelling bed where I am snuggled up after a large Christmas lunch. It is important that at this time we remember those dogs who give their lives in service to their country. Many dogs work tirelessly throughout the year, keeping our countries safe from terrorists and drugs, so that we pet dogs can live in comfort and security. We must also remember those dogs less fortunate than ourselves. We think of those who may not have had a Christmas table to scrounge at today and who may yet be unaware of the importance of Christmas. Many of you puppies will be new to your owners’ homes this Christmas. My message to your owners is simple, a dog is for life but please remember to spoil him at Christmas.

For my own part I got the most fantastic Christmas present. It is a ball that talks when it senses motion. It is just so annoying. I guessed it was for me as we drove up the motorway yesterday and a bag in the boot kept talking whenever we went over a bump in the road. My mistress said it was very embarrassing when she bought it and then had to walk round with her shopping talking to her, loudly enough for everyone to hear.  I have my very own t-shirt as well. It is not as good as the one my cousin got that said ‘I’m up and dressed. What more do you want?’ Mine just says ‘Security’ which is of course a bit of a joke because I like nearly everyone. I got very told off for growling at my mistress’s 87 year old aunt, but I was just practising.