Wednesday 13th December 2006

Well all things considered, my appraisal went quite well. We ran out of time for me to appraise my mistress, so that has been deferred until later today. The summary was that I am a perfect pet, a great companion and just wonderful to have around. I may of course be paraphrasing it a little bit, but I think that was the general gist. I did well on what are all the normal puppy problems. I have never chewed anything that wasn’t mine and all I have ever broken was a cd case when I got a bit enthusiastic flinging my toys in the air and trying to catch them. I also did well on being so easy to house train and on keeping myself clean. So that all makes me just about perfect. I suppose it wouldn’t be a real appraisal if I weren’t given areas to improve on. It seems I am already making progress when it comes to jumping up people, in as much as I am starting to learn that I am not supposed to do it. My mistress has given me a target of March to completely master it. I am also making good progress on walking to heel but need to learn not to get distracted so easily. I have been given a bit longer to get that right and need to have the hang of it by the end of June. The day I decided to run away seems to have gone against me a little bit and my mistress has suggested it would be good if we didn’t have a repeat of that. I can only try. You know what it is. You get a scent in your nostrils and you just have to find where it is coming from. Apparently when I fetch things I am supposed to be prepared to drop them, rather than to run off with them. Now where is the fun in that? I am totally perfect at leaving things when told, unless it is another dog. It seems I am however, a miserable failure at security and being prepared to go for a walk in the rain. You can’t win them all.