Tuesday 12th December 2006

Well I’m home and it is just as good as I thought it would be. Having said that I had got used to carpets on the floors making it comfortable to plonk myself down anywhere. It did make me realise just how much of my coat gets left behind. Isn’t it funny how much black hair shows up on a cream carpet. Given that I am having my appraisal later today do you think that is an area that may come up for improvement?

The journey back wasn’t too bad. My mistress listened to another talking book, which to be fair was quite funny and kept me occupied for some of the time. When we got to the tunnel I didn’t have to be checked at all. My mistress said she really must take me with her on every trip, because check-in, security and passport control were all really nice to her because they thought I was lovely. I can be when I want to. In fairness I think my older cousin is the only human I have ever growled at. Even then, we were the best of friends by the end of the evening. The traffic was really bad on the way back so we were in the car for a lot of hours. I am rather hoping to be able to play outside for a while to make up for it today. It has stopped raining so I won’t refuse to go out. Other than that I am ready to settle down to a quiet day and prepare for my appraisal. I have been putting together a few notes on how I think my mistress has performed. Unfortunately my master is away so I shall have to wait to tell him where I think he could do with improving.