Thursday 14th December 2006

So yesterday was the appraisal rematch! I had got ready all the things I wasn’t happy about, just in case I didn’t like the way my appraisal went. It was going to be a sort of counter attack. I hadn’t really prepared for the event that my mistress thought I was wonderful, I just assumed an appraisal was a bad thing. All things considered it seemed a little churlish to start complaining about the frequency that she washes my bed and the fact I really would like more food. If truth be known I am probably one of the most spoilt dogs I know and complaining seems a little unfair. So I told her how much I appreciated that I am rarely left on my own and never for very long. I get lots of cuddles and she never really tells me off when I forget myself and put muddy paws all over her. I did explain that there is always room for more stroking, and will be until it gets to 24 hours a day. I like the amount of walks I have and appreciate that when I don’t really want to go I am not made to, but my mistress will always turn out for me whatever the weather if I do want to go. I like being allowed to sit on the settee and wondered if my mistress could convince my granny and granddad to let me sit on their settee when I go and see them. I have all the toys I need but would like my mistress and master to play with them with me more often. My only real complaint goes back to the early days when I was taken to dog training and my mistress really thought I was going to sit down in a muddy field. On balance I am a very happy dog and know when I am on to a good thing. After all who else would feed me little bits of marzipan when I ask for them?