Monday 11th December 2006

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been somewhere before? In my case it is mainly because we seem to be driving round in circles and I am once again back at my grandparents. It was nice to see them and this time meet my cousins and aunt and uncle too. These are relatives on my mistress’s side. One of my cousins is a sheepdog called Dudley. He is rather older than me and not so playful. He seems to have life pretty much sorted and I wondered if I could be like that when I grow up. My other cousins are teenagers and to be honest I find them a lot more wearing, though to be fair they were good fun and with the obvious exception of the long hair (they are boys) there is no obvious sign that they are at that difficult age. In any event I need to perfect teenage behaviour ready for later next year when I reach the equivalent stage. So ‘whatever!’ ‘Yeah’ or is it just ‘uh’? Actually, I think I will make quite a good teenager, I can really ‘do’ attitude when I want to. I know I look soft but it just an act.

I am rapidly concluding that my mistress is mad. She has spent the weekend feeling a bit under the weather thanks to having a flu jab on Friday. Why would anyone voluntarily give them a partial dose of an illness? It seems crazy, I thought the whole point was to avoid being ill not to encourage it. I just hope she is well enough to take me back to Belgium tomorrow. It is going to be strange going home after being away so long, I think I am really looking forward to it. What I didn’t realise is that I will not be there long before I come back to England again. I am becoming quite a jetsetter, but without the planes.