Sunday 10th December 2006

This is one of those time when you aren’t going to believe this but it’s absolutely true! My mistress went round the garden clearing up all those little presents I had left when she was too lazy to walk me. She put it all in an old Tesco’s bag, fortunately inside another bag and all tied up. Because she wasn’t ready to go to the tip and didn’t want to forget it, she put the carrier bag outside the garage doors on the drive. Unfortunately, when she came home after going to the shops, it had gone. First of all she thought someone had stolen it and that it probably served them right but then when she went into the house there was a little thank you note through the door from a ‘charity collection’ that had been picking up bags of clothes to sell. IT would seem they had mistaken the bag waiting for the tip for a bag waiting for them. How on earth was she supposed to know that was going to happen? She now feels really bad and presumes that they will think someone did it deliberately. She is also concerned that it is not safe to leave anything out as someone will presume it is for them!

The rest of the weekend seems to have involved drills, screwdrivers, picture hooks and holes. The holes haven’t all been in absolutely the right place and progress can be slow when a four year old hides the blocks of wood you need and won’t tell you where they have put them. Then of course are the things that are faulty when you try to put them up and the things whose instruction have clearly been translated from an obscure language by someone for whom English is not their first language. It might of course simply be that my master and mistress aren’t so good at this sort of thing but I couldn’t possibly comment.