Saturday 9th December 2006

The funniest thing happened whilst we were staying with my grandparents. My granddad said to my mistress “When are you going to take all your things with you?” She was very confused and said she thought she had. He said “What about the seat in the garage? I am fed up of moving it every time I go in there.” “What seat? She said. To which her mother chipped in “Your birthday present.” It was at that point that my poor mistress was able to say “But you haven’t even given it to me. I didn’t know it was there.” “Oh” said her mother “Happy birthday.” Given that her birthday was several months ago it was pretty good going.

I am finding the whole Christmas thing a bit confusing. I’m not absolutely sure what I am supposed to be celebrating. I saw a little scene made up of a reindeer, a snowman, a Father Christmas, some robins and a baby in a shed. It seems to be one of those things that you can pick out the bits you like and put them all together. I am thinking of setting up my own little Christmas scene. It will have some presents, an acorn, a few birds and a dog biscuit. I wonder if my mistress will let me put it on our front lawn with lights all round it as everyone else seems to have done. I am looking forward to getting to eat turkey for a month and a half and chasing round in empty wrapping paper. I think, so far, the worst bit about Christmas, apart from all the crowds and my mistress seeming stressed, is hearing the same music everywhere I go. There is nothing like stating the obvious, just in case you managed to miss it ‘so here it is merry Christmas…’ I’m not sure yet if I want to be ‘merry’ or whether to be the one that goes round saying ‘bah humbug’. Oddly by master and mistress seem to switch to merry, which leaves the whole position of ‘bah humbug’ wide open!