Friday 8th December 2006

The biggest downside of my mistress spending time with friends that still work in normal businesses was that they were talking about having their appraisals. Now you may think there is nothing wrong in that, until you realise she came home suggesting that I should have one. Now that I have been with her for nearly a year we should sit down and discuss how I have performed my role. I said it was totally inappropriate and besides which she hadn’t sat down with me and gone through my objectives at the start. How can I be appraised when I don’t know what I am supposed to have achieved, but she said that didn’t usually stop people in business. I thought about it for a while and asked if my pocket money would be increased if I had performed well but she said that pocket money was not linked to the appraisal and would be dealt with separately. I then asked the obvious question as to whether it worked both ways and I could appraise her performance as my mistress in return. Surprisingly she didn’t object to this idea. We have agreed to sit down on Tuesday when we are back in Belgium to discuss it properly. I’ve never had an appraisal, should I be worried? Having said that I am pretty much the perfect puppy so I should be ok. I just need to think about how she has performed.

In the meantime it is back to doing DIY. How did she think I could reach up high enough to hold the bathroom cabinet for her to fix it. It is no good shouting at me because I let my end down a bit so it wasn’t level, I was struggling to get my paw up that high. She said I had seemed to manage it when I wanted to open the lounge door at my grandparents and as she had a point I thought I would stop complaining.