Monday 27th November 2006

I have noticed one or two odd things about England. My mistress is surprised there are only one or two! It takes longer to get anywhere in England. When I am at home and I see a sign saying it is 50 to a place we get there quite quickly. In England when I see a sign saying 50 it takes much longer. My mistress says this is because miles are longer than kilometres and because we aren’t allowed to drive so fast. I think I prefer kilometres then, because the journey seems to go more quickly. I am having much the same problem with money. My pocket money is less in pounds and although my mistress has tried to convince me I am still getting the same amount I am not entirely convinced. I would find it easier if I could carry a calculator around but it looks a bit daft round my neck and I haven’t got any pockets.

I also seem to be somewhat rare. Apparently, there are not many Entlebucher Sennenhund’s in England. I asked if we could try to go to see some of the others while we were there but unfortunately, my mistress doesn’t seem to know any that live round here.

I have also noticed that there seem to be an awful lot of houses in England or at least there are round here. They don’t really have any gardens, which is very sad. I thought wistfully of my home in Belgium and realised I miss it quite a bit. My mistress said that is called ‘being homesick’ and she understood. I tried to put it out of my mind by dismantling the bunk beds and packing some things in boxes. Isn’t it amazing how much rubbish people keep? It seems ironic that my master wants to throw out some of the broken bits of my toys when we are moving so many of Andy’s broken toys to the new house. It’s the sort of typical ‘double standards’ I have come to expect. There is one rule for the humans and another for the dog!