Sunday 26th November 2006

The worst bit so far is that there are lots more places that I am not allowed to go into. My mistress went to the coffee shop to connect to the internet and despite asking ever so nicely if I could go too she explained they wouldn’t let me in and I would have to sit outside in the car, which is never as much fun. She promised that I can go next time but only because she has found out that if she goes when it is shut she can sit in the car in front of the shop and connect to the internet from there. It saves her having to go when everyone is Christmas shopping.

The other bit of the trip I was really not expecting was finding I have got to help with the packing for the house move. I thought I was coming for a holiday. What sort of a question is ‘would you rather dismantle the bunk beds or the wardrobe’? Is it ok to answer ‘neither, I’d rather go to the pictures with James’? As it turned out that answer was not ok and I found myself holding wardrobe panels whilst my master undid the screws. He tends to be better with the screwdriver than me, although I’m not bad at it when he lets me near the electric one, having said that he doesn’t often let my mistress near the electric one! I’m waiting to see whether I can have a play with the electric drill but I am guessing I might have to do that when everyone else goes out. I wonder what I could use it on so that they wouldn’t notice it was me. My mistress said we could leave the rest of the work until tomorrow when the children are at school, she seems to think they might need the bunk beds later.