Tuesday 28th November 2006

We went for a walk past the new house yesterday. I am now uncertain whether I am looking forward to getting the keys later or not. It turns out there is a very big dog living over the road. He was the sort of dog you don’t like to shout ‘hello’ too loudly to, just in case he doesn’t like your tone of voice. Other than that my time has been taken up with touching up the paint in the house we are leaving. I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit, I just went to buy the paint brush from the hardware store. However, there are bits of wardrobe in all sorts of piles and bits of bunk beds, so I am guessing we are about ready. I know my mistress can’t find anything so I am guessing it means most things are packed. I have pushed my bed into the middle of the kitchen floor so that she doesn’t miss packing that.

There are lots of things that are different about England as compared to Belgium. Whereas in Belgium shopping centres are nice places to go with not too many people here it seems the national pastime is shopping. Everyone seems to do it pretty much all the time. It turns out that my mistress is odd by not really liking it. There only has to be a hint that the car park might be full and she stays at home. The houses all seem to be much closer together too and more children seem to play out in the roads. Maybe I just don’t go to the same types of places in Belgium. So far the dogs all seem pretty much the same but then ‘dog fashion’ doesn’t usually vary as much as human fashion does. I suppose poodles might wear their hair a little differently but that is about it.