Tuesday 21st November 2006

Well heading for England is only two days away and my mistress has now told me I have to go to the vet tomorrow for a check up before I travel. What if the vet says I am not ok? Will my mistress just leave me behind and go without me?

When we went for our walk yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder where all the people were. Do you think there is never anyone around on a Monday because they just stay in bed? Having said that, I looked at the autumn colours and thought how much better they would look if they were not against a grey background! All those greens, yellows and browns would look so much better with a blue sky. It would be much better if everything changed colour in spring when you could really appreciate it. I was thinking it would make a good ‘colour by numbers’. Andy was colouring in a picture of ‘Tigger’ when his dad rang him on Sunday night. I like the logic of children. His dad asked him what colour he was using to be told orange. “What about the stripes?” asked my master naively. Apparently, there weren’t any stripes but as the conversation progressed it turned out that there were some black bits already on the page, so they didn’t count!

The bad news for me is that my mistress has turned on a feature on the computer that shows grammer as well as spelling. I can now see just how bad my English is! I think it is more that the computer just doesn’t understand what I am trying to say and that I am not really wrong at all! It seems odd to be accused of using the ‘passive voice’ when on the whole there is very little passive about me! I am more your active sort of a dog, even though my voice seems to be passive!