Wednesday 22nd November 2006

I don’t know what I have done wrong but Chloe isn’t answering my calls anymore. I haven’t had a text message from her for ages and I didn’t get a birthday card. I wonder of she has found another dog. I’d like to have a girlfriend that I could see more often, but maybe since my operation they won’t be so interested in me. Anyway, there is no good feeling all sad, I am going to be so busy doing new things for the next couple of weeks that I won’t have time to think about it and I will have my mistress as my constant companion. I know how much my mistress will miss my master while she is away so I think it is my job to try to look after her.

We saw Elvis whilst we were walking yesterday, it was good to see him, but I do wish our mistresses would let us off our leads so we could have a good play together. All this tail wagging and sniffing gets a bit tedious when what you really want is a good roll in the mud.

I’ve been thinking about what my mistress said to me about getting my diary published. As I walked through the woods I started daydreaming that there might come a time when children the world over would know these trees as ‘Alfie’s Woods’. I realised I rather liked the idea, so maybe when I come back from my travels I will try to do something. I wonder if publishers get many letters from dogs. My Mistress has explained that as a writer you have to get used to rejection letters. I’m not sure how well I would deal with that but she said if she can cope then she thinks that I would. I asked her what she did to cheer herself up when she gets one and she said she cuddles me. I suppose if we are both trying to get things published there could be an awful lot of cuddles!