Monday 20th November 2006

My master excelled himself yesterday. He stayed in bed until 3pm! He was reading a good book, which almost made it ok, but even so, it may be going a little bit far. I think he was celebrating having been promoted from ‘inadequate’ when it comes to washing-up to ‘barely adequate’ he seems to think this is some sort of achievement! It made me start wondering what the opposite of inadequate should be. Do you think it should be ‘outadequate’? I also wondered what the next step up from barely adequate would be and how many steps there were before you reach ‘competent’. Privately he said he had no desire to reach the competent stage when it comes to washing-up and he thought that barely adequate might be as far as he wanted to progress.

If Saturday could be described as the perfect autumn day then yesterday was a ‘typical’ autumn day. Saturday was bright, sunny and calm with leaves gently drifting down as we walked, until it hailed anyway! Yesterday was grey, wet, miserable and windy and it was as much as my mistress could do in the morning to persuade me to go out at all. Still ‘needs must’ and as, despite the launch of the PDDP, I have still not been provided with inside toilet facilities for wet days, we went out anyway. It was good to see that the hedgehog had now wandered off completely and hopefully he made it to wherever he was trying to go safely. The bet bit of my weekend was getting to watch a film whilst in bed. My master took my bed up to their bedroom so that we could all watch ‘Troy’ together and I was able to sit in my new bed whilst watching. There was a bit too much bloodshed for my mistress’s liking but my master quite enjoyed it.