Friday 29th September 2006

Aristotle Day 10

There are two ways of dealing with having an operation. My way was to be quietly nervous, whimper a bit when I saw the needle and mutter to myself as it took effect and I started to doze off. My mistress on the other hand spent her morning shaking and then while I had my operation went and cheered herself up with an endless stream of coffee meaning she was bouncing off the ceiling by the time she picked me up. By the time I knew much about what was going on it was the afternoon and I was home again. They told me I would feel a little bit like being drunk, which of course I had nothing to compare it to. All I can say is if that is what feeling drunk is like I don’t know why people do it. I kept walking into things and felt all wobbly. It was a very odd sensation.

Now being a dog I have undertaken a very thorough investigation and it seems there really is now less of me than there was before. It all feels a bit strange to be honest. The other odd thing that seemed to happen while I was out of it yesterday is that one of my mistress’s friends appeared from nowhere. I know it wasn’t nowhere, it was Wales to be precise but when you are out of it, it feels like one minute they aren’t there and the next minute they are. It meant they didn’t have to cope with my normal enthusiastic greeting but I am sure they will forgive me. I still don’t understand why everyone isn’t thrilled that I am so pleased to see them that I bounce all over them.