Thursday 21st September 2006

Panic over, my mistress rang me back. We are going by Channel Tunnel. I suppose that is the ‘English Channel Tunnel’! Apparently that will be the nicest way for me as I can sit next to my mistress in the car and don’t have to be alone at all. Now all I need to worry about is which car she is taking and whether I will have a lot of space to spread out or not. The other piece of good news is that she is missing me. To be honest it serves her right for going without me but it would have been awful if she hadn’t really noticed I wasn’t there. What she actually said was ‘It is strange not having muddy paw prints all over her clothes’ and I am taking that to mean she misses me. Although being brought Champagne and fruit on arrival because it’s their honeymoon seems to be soothing the pain of missing me more than it ought to!

I forgot to tell you that after the saga of finding the jacket before they went away they had the saga of ‘going to change the jacket’. It was the wrong size and needed to be changed for the size that was one larger, except the shop didn’t have it and now they have changed it for one two sizes larger. If that turns out to be too big then the shop will order one that will be just right. It sounds like one of those light bulb jokes. How many trips does it take to buy the right jacket? I guess the answer would be no one knows it hasn’t been managed yet! I saw a really good one the other day about dogs changing light bulbs. I suppose for Chloe it would be ‘What light bulb?’ She wouldn’t be able to see out of all her hair. With me it is more of a question of it not being my job!