Friday 22nd September 2006

I still don’t get this whole time changing thing. Why is it not the same time everywhere? It isn’t actually a different point in time anywhere in the world as you are reading this so why call it something different? I am presuming my master and mistress haven’t discovered some means of time travel whereby they have actually gone back 6 hours in time, but if they have how did they manage to speak to me on the phone? I don’t suppose there are also special phones that allow you to do that. Back to the idea of it being the same time why are humans so unable to cope with the concept that in some countries you get up when it’s dark and go to bed when it’s light? Then we could call it the same time everywhere and business would all operate at the same times all over the world and you wouldn’t get jet lag. Teenagers manage to do it, why can’t adults? You wouldn’t have any more problems if someone was travelling of calling them on the phone and having to start the conversation with “Oh sorry, did I wake you? Here? Well it’s lunchtime!” “No, ok. I’ll ring back later when you are more yourself.” Mind you from what my mistress says that can happen at any time of day when she rings my master, even if he’s in the same country.

Well now it’s 10am here so that means in America it’s 4am and they will have been at work since at least 3. Presuming that time is still all set from Greenwich. I suppose my proposal could be enough to spark another worldwide disagreement about where the meridian should pass through and no matter what France might think this is not one they are likely to win this time either. So what time is it at the moment in China?